In 1991 my father bought a $100.000 house in central Italy. Today that house is valued at $300.000. That's about a 3.7% yearly return. 1.7% above inflation, for a real return of 2% a year.

Investing in Apple the same $100.000 back in 1991 would be worth more than $41.000.000 today. Yes, 41 millions! That's 410 times your initial capital.

A company can grow, expand and create wealth for shareholders. A house cannot.

What was the yearly average return for such a staggering wealth creation? 23%

Over 30 years a 23% yearly average return can transform 100.000 USD into more than 49 million US dollars.

I know, there are many caveats here. But you get the point.

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Picking Apple in the nineties was not easy. And banking on 1 company only is risky.

Investing in a pool of promising companies and "forget" about them can bring incredible results.

I believe that investing in great companies is the best way to participate in the wealth creation from the best companies in the world. Funny enough, buying stocks in great companies is the more powerful way to stop inequality.

This is my idea of creating "POTS", like Piggy Banks I don't want to touch for a very long time and that can create incredible wealth. I want to start having my kids in mind. Still, my goal is to find ways to allow as many people as possible to get a "POT" as early in their lives as possible.

Here I'm sharing my journey to help as many people as possible.

I am creating 2 10X Capital POTS:

1. FREE 10X CAPITAL POT, where I pick companies that have proved to be able to grow and that still can become 10 times bigger or more. They have growing sales, growing profits, and are building some sort of uniqueness (ex. a strong Brand) that will protect them in the next 5 to 10 years or more. This pot is free and accessible to everybody subscribed to my free newsletter.

2. SMALL BETS 10X CAPITAL POT, where I pick small and medium companies that are displaying the traits of an early leader (strong sales growth and becoming profitable). This pot is available to paid subscribers only, as a way to support my research and my paid tools.

I hope my journey will push as many people as possible into learning about investing.

Important: this is not investment advice. Consult a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Who Am I?

I am passionate about how human behavior and technologies impact businesses. I am also keen on assessing the macro: international economics, monetary policy, economic development.

I am 49, hold a University degree in Economics, an Executive MBA, and a Master’s degree in E-Business. I have been working in companies in the range of 100 to 700 million USD of revenues per year in senior positions within Marketing and E-commerce.

I am married, and the father of two beautiful kids.

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